Top characteristics employers are looking for

When applying for a job, you might be busy promoting yourself by listing out all the computer, technical, or professional skills via resume, cover letter and  interview, but do you really understand what type of candidates companies are looking for?

Below are some characteristics a majority of employers are asking for, either in their job requirements or in their minds when recruiting.

Basic requirements are communications skills as well as written skills. Employers expect you to express yourself clearly in conversations as well as in written correspondence, especially when dealing with customers. A confident appearance also helps show that you are 100% behind your company and its products and services. Certainly, you should demonstrate business expertise as well and that you understand the economy and its influence on the company’s activities. Only in this way you are able to make decisions for the benefit of the company and take it forward.

Besides business sense and appearance, social skills are getting more and more important. Teamwork is key when working at a company. Companies always welcome people who are friendly, easygoing, can join the team and be part  of the family. Egoists are not in demand. Of course you should not hide behind your team, but play a part in it, bring in ideas and further them. Show initiative and that you are able to take responsibility. Accomplish your assignments punctually and be reliable. Commitment and dependability are as important to your employer as working in a team.

Moreover, the capacity for organisation and time management are relevant for a company. You should be capable of working efficiently, within timelines and be able to plan your activities independently. During a hectic working day not everything proceeds as it should hat is why superiors are looking for employees who are able to adjust to given situations and are able to make decisions and perform effectively even under stressful conditions.

Confidentiality also plays a huge role  in every business. Loyalty towards your company and respect for your co-workers and customers are of utmost importance. To badmouth about former employers or the spreading of company-internal matters is not welcomed or tolerated by anyone.

Finally, a company alway loves an individual ready for self-improvement. Today’s working world is fast moving and continually full of changes, which is why you should be up to date and willing to learn at all times. Lifelong learning is the base for your career.

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