HireTempTalent’s services to help you advance. We know what is expected and help to meet your demands. Just like a business needs marketing to arouse interest, you should market yourself in the world of employment – whether as employer or as employee.

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For employers

  • Access to the level of candidates you are seeking
  • Selection of individuals whose background, skills and experience will make great contributions to the company
  • Filling a position with an employee who has integrity, ethics, adaptability, passion, and commitment to work for and to grow with your company
  • Talent management
  • Performance management
  • Employee Assessment
  • Reference check services
  • Resume Management
  • Background Checks

For Potential Candidates

  • Customizing your personal marketing career plan
  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Critiquing
  • Overall review of your resume and cover letter
  • Interview skills and preparation