How We Help You

For Employers

Your future employee should fulfill certain requirements? The whole recruiting process turns out to be very time consuming? Entrust your work to experts!

HireTempTalent values your time finding a good fit for your job opening, whether it is a contract or temporary position, part-time or full-time employment. Before we start to look for candidates, we work on understanding your company’s culture and needs. The crucial point is, to make your business tangible and interesting – your applicants should know about the benefits of working for you and should be encouraged to apply for your job offer.

Next we go on to review the applications and filter out the best qualifications for your requirements and make sure to find the person, whose background, skills and experience will suit your business best. Contact us today for more information!

For Job Seekers

You are looking for a new employment opportunity or career change? HireTempTalent is the right partner, to help you with developing your personal brand.

In order to be successful at your job search, you should be able to answer one question: What are your strengths which make you valuable for a company? Therefore it is important to know your hard and soft skills and to have the knowledge of advertising them effectively. In this way you make lasting impression and convince personnel managers.

Furthermore, we can be a great help on customizing your personal career plan as well as preparing your resume and cover letter and improving your interview skills. Contact us today for more information!